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Tracktronics Australia is a specialised contract electronics design / computer software design house. We can write Windows applications or design electronics modules to suit your specific needs. In fact, if you have a requirement or a question relating to Electronics, Programming, Windows, or Computers, then we can help you.
The company was originally formed because it was felt that there was a market need for a company that was in tune with the client's needs, and a company that was intent on delivering a professional quality engineering service with minimal overheads.
The company wants to concentrate on delivering a good quality product for the benefit of the client.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to provide a product / service which adds quality, profitability and value to a client's business, and aim to exceed the client's expectations.

What's in a name?

The name 'Tracktronics Australia' was derived from a number of factors.
The term 'Track' refers to the company's main long-term focus on developing railways-related software applications and products. 'Track' also refers to trackwork on a PCB (printed circuit board) used for assembling electronic components.
'Tronics' denotes that the company is electronics or electrical engineering based.
'Australia' is used as a marketing tool to establish TA as a 100% Australian-owned, and operated company.

Services Available

We have extensive skills in the following areas:
Electronics Hardware Design (Analogue and Digital)
Embedded Micro-Controller Applications
PCB layout by Certified Interconnect Designer

We are also looking at advancing our skills in the following areas:
Fuzzy-logic 'Artificial Intelligent' electronic devices
Fibre Optic / RS232 / RS485 Network Communications


In the first 6 years of our operation, we have completed a number of electronics hardware design projects, for our clients, and also our own Tracktronics product range.
Our current products include:
RS232 LED Monitor
Fibre Optic Modem Set - RS232 / RS485 Interface
Fibre Optic Modem Set with PSTN / Fibre Modem Diversity capabilities
ePatch (RS232 / RS485 electronically switched Patch Panel)
A/B Intelligent Arbitrator

Click here for more information. If you have or know of a need for a particular product or service, then please let us know. We are continually looking at creating new products or services.

Other Contacts

If we feel that your needs would be better suited with someone else, then we can refer you to an experienced professional associate, and brief them on your requirements in advance. Just like a doctor!

We have a wide range of contacts in the following areas:
Electronics Design
Electronics PCB Assembly/Manufacture
Electrical/Electronic Component Suppliers
PCB Manufacturers

A Few Contacts...

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